Website Maintenance

Designing, building, and launching a website isn’t always a “set it and forget it” situation

Your website, like your devices, needs regular care, updates, and tailored solutions to ensure optimal performance and security. Let us handle the maintenance and content management while you focus on growing your online presence.

Give your website the attention it deserves with our comprehensive range of services. From regular maintenance and updates to content management and optimization, our team is here to ensure your website performs at its best. Trust us to handle the technical aspects while you focus on driving your online presence and achieving your goals.

One of the advantages of our packages is the ongoing cast-over process, where we continuously review and optimize the functionality of all necessary forms to ensure they are working seamlessly. Additionally, we closely monitor and analyze conversion rates, making necessary adjustments to drive targeted traffic and maximize conversions on your website.

Complete website

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive website management services. From regular maintenance and security updates to content creation and performance optimization, we handle every aspect of your website, allowing you to focus on growing your business and engaging your audience.


We regularly back up your website on a secure server as well as on the cloud. Backing up your website in more than one location ensures that we can quickly and efficiently restore part or all of your website if necessary.

Improved website

We’ll never gamble with your website’s integrity. We only use the latest in security software to stop hackers, spammers, and other malicious threats from invading your website and sensitive data. With our security solutions as part of a website maintenance plan, your online assets and reputation are protected too.`

Website maintenance customized to your needs

Your business is unique. Your website maintenance plan should be unique too. That’s why we customize your plan to suit your needs. Whether you run a small, large, or “somewhere-in-between”-sized business, we’ll develop the perfect, cost-effective solution for you.

Platforms We Work on

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The undisputed king of website platforms, WordPress brings an exceptional level of versatility and scalability to mobile-friendly web design. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll make it happen with WordPress.


Design, sell and scale ecommerce websites with complete freedom on a no-code platform. Start building the future of ecommerce with Webflow.


HubSpot is a CRM platform with all the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.


Shopify is the gold standard of e-commerce platforms. From robust integration capabilities to the latest shopping trends, this platform will keep your online store ahead of the curve.


WooCommerce is an open-source platform, offers hundreds of customizable themes, and provides tons of features designed specifically for online stores.

Custom PHP

Are you looking to breathe new life into your existing website? Custom PHP is a powerful and efficient way to create a fresh new look.


Create a customizable website or online store with an all-in-one solution from Squarespace.


BigCommerce is a powerful e-commerce CMS that enables businesses to effortlessly create and manage online stores with flexibility and robust features.

We provide comprehensive website maintenance services, along with professional website design and development solutions across Ontario

Protect your online investment with our web maintenance service. We provide robust security measures, regular updates, and performance optimizations to ensure the safety and success of your website. Get in touch with CSP Marketing Solutions to experience worry-free website management tailored to your business needs.

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