Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics

Talk to us today about our digital analytics service and start taking your digital marketing to the next level.

Our digital analytics service helps make sense of what’s going on “behind the scenes” of your website and digital/social media marketing strategy. Our analytics team uses sophisticated conversion tracking technology such as Google Analytics to provide robust data and customer insights you can use to measure the success of your campaigns. We also help you understand the data, and provide recommendations for actions you can take to make your efforts more profitable.

Why customer analytics matter

You can’t achieve success making business decisions based on guesswork, opinions, or intuition. The best decisions are made based on actual data, complete with a full, detailed analysis. Many of our clients are surprised at the detailed insights digital analytics offers and have used our service to make informed strategic decisions to build their business faster.

Measure website activity

Track the customer journey through your website, including where your customers landed and where they dropped off, and learn about your content’s strengths and development points. Review mobile stats to stay in step with Google’s mobile-first indexing and the market’s shift away from desktop. Valuable web analytics about bounce rates, customer time spent on your website, your most popular pages, and more can help you develop an optimization strategy to maximize your website’s performance.

Social Media tracking

Get deep insights on your social media marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Discover who’s engaging with you, which posts attract the most likes, comments, and shares, and when your audience is most active online. We’ll help you use this information to make your social media efforts even stronger so you can continue to attract and engage with as many customers as possible.

Easy set-up and implementation

Our digital analytics team takes care of everything with no interruption to your online system. We’ll completely customize your dashboard, filters, and report templates, enter your website sales funnel and goals, and connect you with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and the Search Console sitemap. Measuring the success of your digital marketing efforts has never been easier.

Customized, deep dish reporting

Our digital analytics service wouldn’t be complete without a whole host of detailed reports that give you the exact information you need to know, when you need to know it. Get real-time data or review performance over any time period. We’ll present the reports to you with a detailed analysis of the data, helping you move your business forward.

Digital Analytics, Integrated Marketing Solutions, and Website Design and Development in Thunder Bay and across Ontario

Ready to get an in-depth look at customer activity to further optimize your digital marketing strategy? A digital analytics strategy from CSP Marketing Solutions will help you allocate your marketing spend more efficiently, making you more money in the long run. Contact us today to get started!

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