Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to stay top of mind with your customer base is through email marketing.

Whether you’re sending out weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters, email blasts, or using email for drip campaigns, email marketing strategies lead to increased customer loyalty and engagement, as well as bigger sales.

The best part of email marketing is that you’re reaching existing customers and qualified leads people who are already interested in your brand! Through this marketing channel, you’re nurturing these relationships for additional sales and exponential growth potential.

CSP Marketing Solutions knows email marketing – and will work with you to develop marketing strategies that increase the return on your digital marketing investment.

Mailing list management

We only use CASL-compliant email marketing software that makes managing consent easy. Our team will track and document consent, manage consent expiry dates, and seek subscriber consent when required due to international consent laws. We’ll also monitor email authentication and bounce backs so the maximum amount of emails reach their destination without getting caught in spam filters. With CSP Marketing Solutions, your database will always be clean, compliant, and deliverable.

Customized email marketing campaign

We’ll create attractive email marketing content fully aligned with your brand image and messaging, and designed to keep subscribers’ eyes moving down the page toward conversion points. If you want to send a message to a portion of your database, we’ll segment your list using custom filters, such as location, language, or purchase level, so only the people you want to reach receive your message.

Email drip campaigns

One of the best ways to convert leads is to execute an automated email drip campaign. Once someone downloads or engages with a lead magnet on your website, we send out a chain of emails at a predetermined frequency to keep the engagement alive. When someone responds to an email in the chain, we switch them to another stream or forward the lead to your sales team for follow up. The system is completely automated until you need to close a deal.

Mobile-ready email campaigns

Your emails have to look attractive and inviting on mobile as well as desktop. That’s why we ensure all our email templates look exactly as you want them to look on any device. We’ll test your campaigns so you can preview what your emails look like before we send them out, so you can be assured that your message will be welcomed regardless of how and where they’re viewed.

Comprehensive reporting

Our email marketing strategies wouldn’t be complete without letting you know how they’re performing. We’ll send you regular reports on each campaign’s opens, click-throughs, unsubscribes, delivery failures, and more. This will not only allow you to measure the success of your campaign, but also give you valuable insights to how to tailor future messages to improve engagement even more.

Email Marketing Strategies, Integrated Marketing Solutions, and Website Design and Development

Stay top of mind with your customers and keep them engaged with your brand with an email marketing solution. We manage the whole process for you, and ensure that your database is always clean, updated, and fully compliant. Get in touch with CSP Marketing Solutions today to learn more about our cost-effective email marketing solutions!

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