eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce Website Design

Thinking of creating an online store or adding ecommerce functionality to your website? It’s a smart move that will help get your products into customers hands quickly, and help you make more meaningful connections with them, giving you ample opportunities for extra sales.

We specialize in designing, developing, integrating, and maintaining WooCommerce plug-ins into WordPress websites for perfect functionality on both mobile and desktop. WooCommerce is a premiere ecommerce software package used by thousands of successful business all over the world. Let us put it to work for you with a customized solution that results in full shopping carts and increased sales.


Our team makes the whole process simple, and at a price point that makes developing an ecommerce website one of the wisest business decisions you’ll ever make.

Why create an eCommerce website?

Ecommerce websites allow you to sell virtual or physical products and services to customers anywhere, at any time. You can also sell tickets to events, raise money for a cause, and much more in a compact, safe, contact-free environment that’s much easier to manage than in a traditional retail setting.

Best-of-breed eCommerce software

We build our ecommerce design solutions using world-class software that allows you to provide a great customer experience with simple, secure, functionality:

    • WooCommerce: Perfect for starter online stores, small retail expanding into online sales, and brands that need seamless integration with an existing WordPress website
    • BigCommerce: This robust ecommerce platform is completely customizable, contains many built-in features, and integrates smoothly with WordPress websites
    • Shopify: A quick-start ecommerce solution for starter stores with a small amount of inventory, or use ShopifyPlus for larger enterprises
    • Magento: An ideal option for brands with dedicated IT or website development teams, but need additional outsourced support for setup and integration
    • Custom ecommerce solutions: If your needs go beyond prepackaged solutions, our e-commerce web design team will build a solution to your exact specifications

Completely secure transactions

Your customers can browse your products, fill their shopping carts, and check out easily and securely. They can also register for paid events, seminars, workshops and training, as well as make charitable donations, all through individual customer accounts. Send invoices, receipts, promotional discounts, and coupons, and set up loyalty programs – all through a single, robust plug-in.

Designs to match your brand

Our design team can create your ecommerce solution using colours, fonts, and design aspects of your brand, keeping the entire customer journey visually consistent right through to your customized “Thank You” page. We’ll customize your ecommerce solution to be fully compatible with your existing website to create an exceptional, streamlined customer experience.

Control your business growth

Running your own online store allows you to keep your business small, or grow as large as you envision. Your store is open 24/7/365, but you set your own inventory levels, ship-to areas, and return policies so you’re always in control. Add, edit, or remove products from your store with ease to stay aligned with current trends and your business objectives.

Market more efficiently

With an online store, your customer base will grow much more quickly. Market new products to your database with direct links to the product purchase page. You can also prospect for new customers by connecting your online store to your Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, organic search, and social media marketing campaigns for additional sales.

Fast importing of mass inventory

Quickly export and import your entire inventory during website setup with one built-in import/export tool. Easily update tens or hundreds of product photos, descriptions, and pricing, or seamlessly sync multiple storefronts to maintain consistency across your brands.

Recover lost sales and leverage cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Send friendly, timely reminder emails to customers who abandoned their shopping carts without completing a transaction. Unlock the potential for increased revenue through cross selling and upselling opportunities that offer free shipping or bundled related products that add value to the customer experience.

Robust ecommerce data and analytics

Discover which channels, including social media, organic search, emails, and PPC ads drive the most sales, so you can optimize your ad spend. Learn which products are most popular by revenue, and track events such as when customers use promotional coupons, when they change the quantity in their cart, or abandon the transaction altogether. There’s virtually no limit to the analytics we can provide with your ecommerce website design solution.

Training and support

CSP Marketing Solutions offers complete training for your team on how to operate and maintain your online store. We’ll ensure all your questions will be answered before the end of the session. If you prefer that we maintain your ecommerce solution for you, we’d be happy to help! Our team is here for you to ensure that you and your customers always have a great experience with your online store.

Ecommerce Website Design, Integrated Marketing Solutions, and Website Design & Development and in Hamilton and across Ontario

Start making sales around the clock with fast, secure eCommerce web design solutions from our team of experts. We’ll develop an amazing online store your customers will love, and help build your business faster than you could ever imagine. Get in touch with CSP Marketing Solutions today to get started!

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