Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s face it – if you want to show up
near the top of the search engine
results page (SERP)

You need a complete search engine optimization strategy that covers everything Google is looking for. And it’s a lot more than you might think.

Our search engine optimization services give you the best chance of ranking higher in organic search results than your competition, and keeping you there with ongoing maintenance strategies that are both desktop and mobile-friendly. The results are better visibility, increased traffic, and more sales.


Our search team uses specialized SEO software that helps your business stay one step ahead of your competitors, uncovering opportunities not easily seen by looking visually at their website. We also leverage Google Analytics to build robust, real-time reports on how your website is performing. You’ll learn where your customers are entering your website, view their path through your content, and see where they drop off. Our team will set up virtually any metric you need so we’re always learning more about your customers, and making adjustments to improve their experience on your website.`

local SEO

Capture local SEO Most of your customers will likely live within your town or city and its surrounding areas. We’ll optimize your website, blogs, and other marketing properties to capture this local traffic. This will place you in a more prominent position than your competitors and build your lead generation and customer base faster.


There are many technical SEO aspects to helping your website’s rankings, such as site security, load speed, image optimization, meta descriptions, and more. We’ll perform a complete website audit and provide a comprehensive report on your website’s search health, as well as our recommendations to resolve any issues that may arise.


How your website interacts with the Internet is also an important ranking factor. Our search experts solve this with a detailed strategy involving social media posts and engagement, content marketing, Google My Business reviews, inbound link management, and more.

keyword research

We’ll create a detailed list of short and long-tail keywords that your customers use to find your business, along with analytics such as search volumes and which keywords your competitors are ranking for. Our team will only recommend the most relevant search terms for your business, so you get the highest quality traffic possible.

Keyword content

Our content creators will strategically integrate your search keywords into new content or your existing content to support your search strategy. Keywords are used meticulously and in accordance to best practice guidelines, allowing Google to give you the highest quality score possible and improving your rankings.

Ongoing SEO maintenance

Google likes to switch things up by adjusting their algorithms, so it’s important to continue with ongoing SEO maintenance as your business evolves. This is especially true as you add more pages, change your content management strategy, or make adjustments to keep in step with the market. Our SEO team will help your online properties stay current, fresh, and on Google’s radar.

Search Engine Optimization Services, Integrated Marketing Solutions, and Website Design and Development

When you’re ready to see better Google search results, talk to our SEO team. We’ll develop the right strategy to make your brand more visible in search results, increase website traffic, and bring in more revenue. Contact CSP Marketing Solutions to start ranking higher on Google today!

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