Google Advertising Strategy

When you’re looking for a business to fulfill a need, but don’t know where to turn, someone might tell you to “Google it”!

There’s good reason for that. Google has earned its reputation for relevant search results technology. It processes on average over 63,000 searches per second per day, which works

out to 5.6 billion searches per day. With that many queries running through Google every day, your business needs to be visible on the search engine results page. A Google advertising strategy from CSP Marketing Solutions can help you do that.

Fully-managed Google Ads campaign

Google Ads are fairly simple to run yourself, but to truly reap what Google Ads have to offer, you need a solution managed by professionals experienced in running successful Google Ad campaigns. With our help, your ads will be completely designed for success, have a high quality score, and use the right keywords, match types, and targeting to ensure your reaching the right audience for the least amount of money.

Sourcing relevant Google keywords

Google ads rely on relevant keywords to put your business at or near the top of the search engine results page, well above the organic search results and regardless of your previous search rankings. Our Google ad experts specialize in using keywords to get your brand in front of the people already searching for your products and services. We’ll also use negative keywords, which prevents unnecessary ad spend by stopping your ads from showing for irrelevant searches, and helping to maximize your budget and increase your return on investment.

Responsive Google Ad and landing page creation

Using your keywords, we’ll create effective Google Ads that invite engagement and click-throughs. Our creative team will also create a conversion-optimized landing page for your ad. We’ll provide image and copy options for A/B split testing, and help you determine which landing page works best so you can allocate your budget wisely. Both our Google Ads and landing pages look great on both desktop and mobile, so you get the most out of your ad wherever your customers perform their searches.

Detailed conversion tracking

As your campaign progresses, we’ll keep an eye on how it’s performing so we can make adjustments to the keywords, ad copy, or budget to properly optimize your ad spend. and attract the precise audience you want to reach.

Works with almost any budget

You set the budget for your Google Ads, and we’ll take it from there. Our Google Ads team will use a mix of manual and automated bid strategies to show you what kind of results you can expect within your budget, and monitor your campaign so we can make changes that will net the biggest profits possible from your investment.

Robust, customizable reports

We’ll help you track your campaign with flexible, scalable reports that help us measure patterns and trends, analyze data, and review ad group performance using multi-dimensional tables and charts. View statistics on real-time, and consult with one of our Google Ad team members if you have any questions.

Google Advertising Strategies, Integrated Marketing Solutions, and Website Design and Development

Solutions, and Website Design and Development Ready to supercharge your Google search results? Google Ads are highly effective at putting your brand in front of motivated customers, boosting website traffic, and increasing sales. Contact CSP Marketing Solutions today for a cost-effective Google Ads strategy designed to reach thousands of new customers quickly and bring you profitable results.

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