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Empowering Boys and Girls Club Thunder Bay with Cutting-Edge Web Solutions

For over half a century, the Boys and Girls Club Thunder Bay has been a beacon of hope and a hub of activity for the children and youth of Thunder Bay. Serving members aged 4 to 18, their goal has always been to offer positive experiences that shape and nurture the next generation. But as times change, so do the methods of engagement and communication. The digital realm, with its vast capabilities, offers unparalleled opportunities for organizations like the Boys and Girls Club Thunder Bay to reach wider audiences, engage with their community, and make operations more efficient. In this case study, we explore how our team revamped the Boys and Girls Club Thunder Bay's online presence, transforming it into a dynamic, user-friendly, and self-sustainable platform. Our work ranged from training the club's team to update their website autonomously to enhancing online donation visibility. We took a multi-pronged approach to ensure their digital platform not only represents their esteemed legacy but also paves the way for future growth.

Key Highlights:

1. Website Empowerment:

Implemented a comprehensive training program, enabling the Boys and Girls Club team to independently update banners, pages, menus, videos, and every aspect of their website.

5. Location Visibility:

Optimized website design to clearly display their multiple locations, making it easier for families to find and access their facilities.

2. Donation Enhancement:

Refined website design to place a stronger emphasis on online donations, ensuring their invaluable work receives the financial support it deserves.

6. Analytics and Tracking:

Installed state-of-the-art tracking tools, providing valuable insights into user behavior and website performance.

3. Social Media Integration:

Accentuated their online presence by highlighting and integrating their social media platforms, fostering community engagement.

7. Communication Mastery:

Trained the club's team on utilizing Mailchimp, streamlining their communication with customers, donors, sponsors, and volunteers.

4. Membership Drive:

Introduced tools and strategies to amplify program membership sign-ups, ensuring more youth benefit from their services.

8. Unwavering Security:

Continued to uphold the highest standards of security and hosting, ensuring the club's online assets remain protected and reliable.


The Boys and Girls Club Thunder Bay, despite its rich history and significant impact, faced challenges typical to many long-standing organizations in the modern age. The digital space had evolved rapidly, and their existing web infrastructure had become outdated. This limited their ability to engage with their community effectively online, drive memberships, process donations seamlessly, and most importantly, be self-reliant in maintaining and updating their digital assets. In a world where the majority of interactions have shifted online, it was imperative for the club to modernize their web presence to ensure they remained relevant and accessible.

Our Approach:

Recognizing the unique challenges and the importance of the Boys and Girls Club Thunder Bay in the community, we adopted a holistic approach:

1. User-Centric Design: We revamped the website keeping the end-user in mind. This meant creating an intuitive layout where information was easily accessible, and actions like donating or signing up were straightforward.

2. Hands-On Training: Instead of just handing over a finished website, we believed in empowering the club. Comprehensive training sessions were organized, enabling them to take ownership of their platform.

3. Integrated Systems: We seamlessly integrated their social media profiles, ensuring a unified online presence. Additionally, Mailchimp was introduced to better their communication efforts.

4. Analytics for Growth: By introducing tracking tools, we ensured the club could understand their audience better and make informed decisions based on real data.


The results were substantial:

1. Increased Online Engagement: The club witnessed a surge in online interactions, from comments to shares, reflecting a more engaged community.

2. Boost in Donations: With the enhanced prominence of the donation option, there was a noticeable uptick in online contributions, fueling their noble cause.

3. Rise in Memberships: The ease of accessing program details and signing up led to a marked increase in new memberships.

4. Self-sufficiency: The club's team, now trained, could make real-time updates, ensuring their content remained fresh and relevant without external dependencies.

5. Clearer Communication: With Mailchimp, their outreach became more organized, leading to better engagement with stakeholders.


The digital transformation journey of the Boys and Girls Club Thunder Bay stands testament to the power of modern web solutions. By marrying technology with their passion, they've not only bolstered their legacy but also positioned themselves for a brighter, more connected future. As they continue to serve the community, their revitalized online presence will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in their ongoing success.

“CSP was a collaborative partner that provided strategic solutions to help improve our already successful site. We enjoyed working with their team to relaunch the Qwiet AI online experience!”

- Qwiet AI

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