Passionately supporting at-risk children and women in Israel and Canada

Founded in 1917 by a group of visionary Jewish women, CHW (Canadian Hadassah-WIZO) has stood as a beacon of philanthropic commitment for over a century, transcending boundaries, politics, and religious differences. As a non-political, non-partisan organization, CHW has consistently dedicated its efforts towards the enhancement of education, healthcare, and social services on a global scale. Recognizing the pivotal role of the digital age and the need to drive increased donations, CHW approached our team. We worked closely with their team, ensuring a collaborative approach in redesigning and developing their website. Our joint mission was not only to give it a fresh look but also to optimize user analytics and bolster site security, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy platform for their donors.

The Challenge:

CHW's existing website did not fully encapsulate the rich history, values, and missions of the organization. Moreover, it lacked mobile optimization, making it less accessible to a significant portion of their audience. The site was also missing crucial call-to-action elements that are essential to drive donations effectively. Additionally, the CHW team faced challenges in updating the site internally, leading to delays in content refresh and limited adaptability to changing needs. They grappled with issues of user engagement, outdated design aesthetics, and limited analytics capabilities, all of which hindered their growth in the online space.

Our Approach:

Understanding the significance of CHW's legacy and mission, we embarked on a holistic design and development journey. Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the essence of CHW, ensuring the new design would resonate with both new and longstanding members. We incorporated cutting-edge design principles to enhance user experience and engagement.

To address the analytics concerns, we integrated advanced tracking tools that would not only monitor website traffic but also provide insights into user behavior and preferences. This would empower CHW with data-driven strategies for future initiatives.

Recognizing the importance of security in today's digital landscape, we prioritized implementing stringent security measures, including regular monitoring and updates, to ensure the website's integrity and safety.


Post-launch, CHW's website saw a significant boost in user engagement, with a 60% increase in page views and a 45% increase in session durations. The modern aesthetics and intuitive navigation were met with positive feedback from the members. The analytics tool provided valuable insights, enabling CHW to strategize their outreach and community-building efforts more effectively. The enhanced security measures ensured that members and donors could confidently interact with the site, free from concerns about potential online vulnerabilities.


Our collaboration with CHW not only revitalized their digital presence but also reinforced their century-old legacy in the modern era. By aligning technology with CHW's core values and mission, we were able to create a platform that serves as an extension of their philanthropic journey, ensuring that their impact continues to grow and inspire future generations.

“CSP was a collaborative partner that provided strategic solutions to help improve our already successful site. We enjoyed working with their team to relaunch the Qwiet AI online experience!”

- Qwiet AI

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