7 Ways to Improve Your SEO

I am sure you are always looking for new ways to improve your website’s on-page Search Engine Optimization. Below are 7 ways to improve Search Engine Optimization I always recommend to our clients.

1. Keyword Research

You should always conduct keyword research and ensure you integrate relevant high performing keywords related to your topic into your content to ensure you are not missing out on important opportunities to bring more traffic to your website or blog.

2. Sitemap

A sitemap should always be submitted to search engines to ensure all of your website’s pages can easily be found and indexed by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

3. Optimize Title and Description Tags

Each of your website’s pages should have unique title and description tags filled in.

Your title tag should include your key phrase. Keywords should be ordered in importance, from most important to least important. An exception to this would be if your brand were a word that was frequently searched, and then in that specific case your brand should be the first keyword in the title.

4. Optimize Images

Your images should always have the alt and title attributes filled in for usability, accessibility and Search Engine Optimization purposes.

Visually impaired users who rely on assistive technology, such as screen readers, would not be able to understand what an image depicts without the alt and title tags being filled in.

Search Engines, such as Google and Bing, rely on these tags being populated to build an understanding about what an image depicts and how it relates to the content placed around it.

5. Caching Plugin

If you find your WordPress website is loading slow or you simply would like it to run faster, we recommend installing the W3 Total Cache plugin. With the correct configuration, the W3 Total Cache plugin can make your website load much quicker. Page loading times are a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.

6. Analytics Tools

To execute an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy, it is important to have the correct analytic tools installed on your website to determine how users are finding your website and to gain insight into how they are being engaged, or lack of.

We recommend always having at least the following SEO analytic tools installed on your website:

7. Social Media Sharing

A great way to bring more traffic to your website is by installing a Social Media sharing tool, such as the AddThis.com tool. This tool provides your website visitors with the ability to share your website’s content to friends, family and colleagues through Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and many more.

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