Writing SEO-Friendly Copy : One Reason

Would you print brochures, put them in a box under your desk, and hand them out only to people who asked? Would you put your restaurant’s billboard inside, so only people already eating your blue plate special could see it? Of course you wouldn’t!

Day after day, however, I see business owners with websites and web marketing strategies that don’t include techniques to gain visibility. They focus on visual appeal and functionality while giving minimal thought to how they’re going to get eyes on it

When launching a new website, or renovating and updating one that’s been around for a while, writing SEO-friendly copy is a great way to gain visibility. Over the next month, through this five-part guest blog series, it is my intention to teach you how to write SEO-friendly copy for your website.

First comes the why, though, right? Why should I write SEO-friendly copy? What is SEO? How is this going to get me seen?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the set of techniques web marketers use to increase the visibility of a website on a search engine results page. By increasing your search engine ranking, more individuals see and visit your site

But why?

One reason: People are already looking for you.

For most business websites, search engines are their number one source of new traffic. Over 300 million people use Google daily, logging over 2 billion searches.

To capture this audience, your site needs to be visible in this channel, and one of the best ways to accomplish this for new sites is SEO-friendly copy.

When your site is young and hasn’t established a large internet presence, search engines like Google don’t have a whole lot to go on when trying to figure out what your website is about. Given this lack of external data, the search engine takes a good look at your site content (text, images, etc) and attempts to establish relevancy. By writing copy that a search engine will like, for keywords you want to rank for, you can help your site gain visibility

I hope I’ve adequately whet your whistle. Stay tuned for part two of this series, To Pick the Right Keywords, where we start to dive into the meat of writing SEO-friendly copy.