Have you ever gone to a website only to find that the site has broken links, been hijacked by another site (such as a porn site), appears blank or distorted, or even worse, private client information has been stolen? These are typically the signs that your website may have been hacked. These issues typically occur when a website has not been maintained or updated on a regular basis.

Website security is not just required for e-commerce websites or to protect sensitive client information, but to also ensure your website is functioning correctly. It also helps prevent hackers from damaging your website as well!


The common misconception is once a website is live, it is self-sustaining. Unfortunately this is incorrect and in order to reduce the likeliness of your website being compromised or broken, it is very important to consider an ongoing website maintenance plan. A website maintenance plan is also referred to as a Website Maintenance Package or WordPress Maintenance Package if your website runs off of the WordPress Content Management System. Think of a Website Maintenance Package as a type of insurance for your website.

WordPress and other web technologies are constantly evolving. As your website ages, the code and database may require updating to patch security vulnerabilities and to ensure your website continues to function as expected.

If your website provides a poor user experience because of broken links, pages loading slow, broken functionality, or errors, users may get frustrated with your website and move on to one of your competitors. These issues could potentially equate to you losing business.

What Does a WordPress Website Maintenance Package Include?

A WordPress Website Maintenance Package can include:

  • Security Audit: a review your current site to see if there are any potential security concerns
  • Ongoing management of your online system security
  • WordPress core, theme and plugin updates
  • Website Recoveries: should the website break or get hacked.
  • Daily, weekly, and/or monthly website backups (files and database)
  • System restores from a backup (if needed)
  • Content updates (website banners, audio, images, copy, video, etc.)
  • Testing of links to ensure nothing is broken
  • Testing of all online forms to ensure that they are collecting data and are sending leads and other types of information to the intended recipients
  • Sitemap updates

Having a WordPress Website Maintenance Package in place is similar to purchasing insurance for your car. Insurance assists you if you run into an emergency; however insurance does not include ongoing maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. Quite simply put, its primary function is preventative, to ensure that your website continues to function as expected with minimal to no downtime.


When Is The Best Time to Setup a WordPress Website Maintenance Package?

The best time to invest in a WordPress Website Maintenance Package is right after your WordPress website has been launched. Operating a WordPress website without a website maintenance plan can be compared to owning a vehicle or home with no insurance, bad idea!

We’re here to help keep your WordPress or any other type of website secure and up to date so you can focus on more important things! Contact CSP Solutions today for a free WordPress Website Maintenance Package quote.