Why WordPress CMS?

Although there are many CMS’s (Content Management System) today, WordPress CMS must rank amongst the top 3 open-source CMS available today for websites.

Constantly updated by thousands of contributing developers, with new plug-ins and free themes added on a daily basis, a WordPress CMS website is built to serve the end-user website client.

WordPress is likely the premier open-source blogging platform in the world today, which is what it started out as. Over time it quickly evolved into a website CMS that is user-friendly, dynamic and constantly being enhanced by developers across the world.

A word about open-source – what does that mean for you? Simply, no licensing fees to use the software…Does it get better than that? The Write Imprint web designers and web developers (based in Hamilton Ontario) are experienced in creating custom web designs for WordPress CMS websites for small and medium business clients. If you’d like to know more about WordPress, check out their website at www.wordpress.org.