Why A Graphic Designer?

What is a graphic designer, anyway? Wikipedia defines graphic design as “a creative process…undertaken in order to convey a specific message (or messages) to a targeted audience.”

If your business needs a new logo design or identity/branding, then a professional graphic designer is a must…not an option. Do-it-yourself logo design should never be considered when creating the visual representation of your business…there is too much at stake.

In fact, it’s better to have someone at arms’ length designing your logo as they will think like a potential customer, versus an employee or owner. After all, your logo has to attract your customers, not employees, right? (well, hopefully both, but you know what I mean). The same holds true for copy written website content. I often find that owners or employees of a business that attempt to write about their own business, are stymied. They are so familiar with their products & services, they take them for granted and don’t know how to explain the features and benefits to someone who isn’t already familiar with them.

The best graphic designers can produce top quality, creative logo designs, business card designs, website designs, brochures, advertisements and other commercial publications. Typically graphic designers work with either client-supplied images or stock photography, and some even create their own artwork. Choosing the right font(s) is an important part of the graphic design process, especially when it comes to logo design. For brochures, websites, and other online and print publications, layout is also critical when considering the overall aspect of the graphic design.

That’s why a professional graphic designer is a must for your business.