What is a CMS?

And why do I want it?

CMS stands for “content management system”, meaning, the type of website that can have the content (written text and images) on it easily “managed” (meaning, edited – ), without requiring a programmer.

Traditional static (non-cms) websites require a programmer to make even minor updates to the website. Programming code is not for the faint of heart or uninitiated…many different languages (PHP, XHTML, etc.) and databases are used in the web design & development world today.  Training and experience in a specific language may be required to do so much as change a date on a website.

Hence, the huge advantage of CMS web design & development. With a CMS website, non-programmers can usually make most updates or changes that are desired to the written content or images, by themselves. Typically minimal training or orientation to a specific CMS takes all of 10-30 minutes and away you go.

There are many CMS on the market these days, not all are created equal though. Some CMS are proprietary, meaning the web design & development company that designed a website using that particular CMS, does not allow other web design & development companies to make any changes to it. They may charge a fee for it as well. Other CMS’ are open source (free), meaning all web developers are welcome to develop new functionality for the CMS. WordPress CMS is a great example of an open source CMS (and the CMS we specialize in here at The Write Imprint).

So when shopping around for a new web design or completely new website, unless you are a web developer / programmer, you should have an open-source CMS at the top of your website wish list.