Blogging Tip #1 of 5

Title, Title, Title

In blogging just as in real estate, there is usually one element that jumps out at prospective “buyers” and lingers in their memory after their first visit – the title of your blog post.

Catchy alliterations like “Peter Pencil” in the Title Tend to make People Perk up….but I Fear you may go to Far…if you get my drift.

Sometimes, it’s all in the numbers…lists such as The Top 20, David Letterman’s Top Ten Countdown etc. are highly successful in getting folks attention. Combine those numbers with “how to’s”, and you’ll double their fun, I mean interest with the promise of learning something that may be of benefit to them.

Personally, I like a good mystery – so a title that hints at a juicy nugget of information but doesn’t give the entire story away, will make me want to read more. And if it’s funny, even better.

Keep the title short and sweet, because attention span – and social media, twitter, rss feeds etc. – are all pretty brief these days. If you want them to read the article then they have to start by being interested in the title.

If you’re blogging for marketing purposes, then you’ll want to ensure you use keyword(s) at the beginning of the title whenever possible, for long-term SEO benefit.

Engage the reader with a title that asks a questions or invites debate/controvery, and avoid sensationalism or overblown promises in the title that may cast doubt on your credibility.

Does it sound as good as it looks? Read your blog post title out loud.

There! Now that you’ve created a great blog post title, all you have to do is write the article.  Oh I may have got that backwards….happy blogging!