Blogging Tip #4 of 5

Keep it Real

That old adage “write about what you know”, really does work. Maybe you have a really cool, unique hobby like taking blood samples from dead serial killers (sorry, I was channelling Dexter there for a moment).

Whatever your areas of interest and expertise are, they’re fodder for a blog post. It’s much easier for the words to flow when you have a subject matter that intrigues you, or that  you know a lot about, or are passionate about. What are  your gripes, and what about those moments of elation?

If you’re a current events maven, sucking up top stories of the day like other people drink coffee, a blog is a great way to tie in what’s happening in the world, with what’s happening in your world. A lot of folks struggle to make sense of the headlines; well you can use your blog to explain how it relates to you and by extension, possibly to them.

For business owners, a blog is a perfect opportunity to educate customers and in so doing, position yourself as a trusted subject matter expert that offers solutions to their problems. If  you’re not an expert in what you’re blogging about, then do a little research and offering up those nuggets of information you found interesting along the way. Someone else is sure to feel the same way.