Top 3 WordPress CMS Benefits

With the plethora of CMS (content management systems, for the uninitiated) available on the market today, why should a business choose WordPress for their company website or blog?

Here’s the top 3 reasons why The Write Imprint has chosen to specialize in building WordPress CMS websites for our clients:

1. Easy to use – you don’t have to be a programmer to update a WordPress CMS website or blog.Which leads to the next point:

2. Cost effective – once the WordPress website or blog is built, you don’t need to pay a programmer for minor or even major updates

3. SEO friendly – there are CMS’s out there that just don’t compute with SEO at all. By contrast, the basic WordPress CMS website or blog is SEO friendly off the shelf. Then, there are additional, free SEO plug-ins that can further boost the SEO of your WordPress website.

Bonus Point: There’s a huge web developer community contributing to ongoing WordPress enhancements. Sure there are other CMS’ out there….but very few of them can keep up with the pace of growth that WordPress enjoys, because of the volume of developers that are working on new plug-ins, tweaks, etc.

I’d love to hear if anyone knows of another CMS that can match these critical 3+ reasons to choose a WordPress CMS website for your business.