Top 2 Copy Writing Title Tips

“Top 2 Copy Writing Title Tips” is an example of the first rule of a good title for web copy writing and & SEO copy writing purposes. Why?

1. “Lists”. People love lists or numbered reasons to read, in the title.It seems so obvious and simple, but even for seasoned copy writers, sometimes remembering this golden rule is like trying to spell supercalafragalisticexpaladocious. In other words, it’s easier to forget this rule than to remember it!

2. The second rule of thumb for SEO copy writing or copy writing for the web, is: “use keywords”. Keywords, for those who are uninitiated in SEO, are the words which your target audience may use in the search field of a search engine such as google, when looking for information, products, services etc.

If you’re selling lemons, tell people how many lemons they need & why, example:  3 Reasons You’ll Love Our Lemons (yes I love alliteration in titles too). For goodness sake, don’t talk about grapefruit in the title when your blog or article is about a fruit of a different matter entirely!

Good luck with practicing these top 2 copy writing title tips on your web site or blog.