When is it time for a new web design? When your current website looks so outdated even your grandmother says “get with the times”? Or perhaps, when you find that customers are commenting that your current web design doesn’t exactly enhance your reputation online?

Hint: A sure clue that’s it’s time for an updated web design is if your website is right or left-justified in appearance….even if it’s only a few years old, this was a style that went out of date years ago and tells viewers that you’re not keeping up with the times online.

In the web design world, 2 years is like a decade…no self-respecting store owner would go 10 years without updating their store layout & design, in order to keep things current & appealing and draw in more clients.

The same goes for a web site, your online store / marketing platform. If your current web site design is more than 2 years old, it’s probably time to take a fresh look at it. You may not need an entirely new website / web design, perhaps a fresh take on what’s already working and a re-jig of what isn’t, is all that’s required.

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