Social Media SEO Tips for Business

Incoming links from Social Media sites to your company website are an important SEO (Search Engine Optimization, for the un-initiated) tactic.

The social media sites most commonly targeted by business are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & YouTube.

Here are some pretty basic tips to help your small business leverage these Social Media sites effectively:

  1. Create a profile and fill it in with good detailed information that’s relevant to your business.
  2. Where possible, import your address book to help make connections.
  3. Link to your social media pages from your website, blog, and emails.
  4. Be active on the social media site:
  • Participate in LinkedIn Q & A
  • Post and comment on Facebook
  • Don’t just embed YouTube videos on your site, add value by commenting and/or transcribing portions of the video (what did you find most important?)
  • Follow people & topics on Twitter. When tweeting, sandwich a link to your website with interesting content/copywriting at the begining and end of the Tweet.

If you’re a local business such as a service provider in Hamilton Ontario, SEO and Social Media use is important to build your website ranking.