SEO, SEM and Other FAQ

For those of you who are new to the wide world of web advertising and marketing, the following FAQ or glossary of popular acronyms may help to make sense of it all.

What is?

Search Engineweb search tools or engines, which search for information on the internet based on criteria (keywords) entered by a user, and presents search results to them, usually in a list format

Keyworda specific word or string of words (sometimes called long-tail or short-tail keyword string) targeting a specific subject matter or topic.

Google Mapweb mapping service from Google that serves as local business locator and is often presented on a search results page, just below any PPI ads (if applicable), and above organic search results.

Organic Search Results “unpaid” search results based a website’s relevance for a particular keyword or keyword strings, as determined by the search engine. Factors considered by the search engine are likely to include quality and quantity of website content, inbound links, frequency of website updates, age of website, and many, many more.

SEOSearch Engine Optimization, the art and science of optimizing a website to improve it’s visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing/Yahoo, etc.

SEMSearch Engine Marketing, internet advertising that uses primarily PPC advertising campaigns to present ads to viewers using a particular search engine. May also utilize other secondary tactics.

Google Adwords – A search engine (Google) advertising campaign that can uses PPC ads to reach a target audience.

PPCPay-Per-Click, a type of internet marketing or advertising whereby the advertiser only pays for the ad if the viewer clicks on it (to go to the website); ie, if the CPC is $10/click, and the advertiser has a maximum monthly spend budget of $10, then after 5 viewers have clicked on the ad, their budget will be exhausted and the ad will stop being presented (unless they increase their budget, or until the next month when the ad starts running again). PPC Ads are usually presented on the extreme right hand side of the search results page.

CPCCost-Per-Click, the amount that is deducted from the Adwords budget each time a viewer clicks on a PPC ad.

PPIPay-Per-Impression, Display Network Advertising, a type of internet advertising whereby the advertiser pays for the ad based on volume of “impressions” or users that viewed the ad; ie, for every 1K viewers, they might pay $50. PPI ads are typically presented at the very top of the search results page, often on a shaded background.

CPMCost-Per-Mile, the amount that the advertiser pays per 1k “impressions” or users that viewed the ad.