The increasing importance of Google+ Local (also known by it’s former incarnations, Google local business listing & Google Maps) in 2012 cannot be overstated when it comes to SEO and ranking for your website. 

Here’s our best tips for SEO and Google+ Local, the ABC’s if you will:

A) Ensure you have created a Google+ page….although other social media forums used by business such as FaceBook and LinkedIn have been around longer and (currently) have more users, Google is the largest search engine….and it stands to reason that maybe just possibly, Google would view a Google+ page as equally if not more important, than other social media apps.We’re not saying don’t have Facebook & LinkedIn pages for your business (you should), we’re saying make sure  you have a Google+ Local page, and make it a priority.

b) Have good content on your Google+ Local page in terms on information about your business, pictures, your logo, address, and of course links to your website, etc.  This is your opportunity to use keywords etc. to ramp up the potential for your page to rank in search results. Whether you’re in Markham, Toronto, Hamilton, or Timbuktu – make sure you mention that on your page as well!

c) Ask your clients to review your business on Google+ Local. Google implemented Google+ and added in the Local portion as part of their philosophy that social media/word of mouth is becoming increasingly more relevant to their users.  That said, obviously a good review never hurts and the more positive reviews, the better.