Google Analytics Website Reporting

You may have a website already for your business. Hopefully, you’re happy with it and maybe you even get some compliments about it once in a blue moon. Or perhaps, no one ever mentions it and you wonder why?

Although verbal feedback, or lack thereof, is one indicator of your website’s performance, there’s a better way to know if your website is working for you or against you.

There are many different website reporting tools, but one of the best is Google Analytics. Detailed website reports at your fingertips, that you can access for free whenever you wish. How much traffic is a particular keyword attracting to your website, where are your customers coming from, how often do they return and when they get there, what pages do they go to and how long do they stay? Answers to these questions and many more, can be found in these comprehensive reports that allow you to manage your website’s performance.

Don’t assume that because your website has more pages than your competitors, that you are getting your equivalent share of traffic. A simple, small website that has been properly optimized for search engines and is updated on a regular basis with expert SEO copy written content, may easily out-perform a much more complex, multi-page website that is outdated or lacks good content.

CSP Solutions installs Google Analytics for free on any new web design project. If you have an existing website and would like to have this great website reporting tool installed for you, give us a call.

You shouldn’t have to wait for customer comments or guess how your website is performing.