Marketing Communications

If you are considering advertising or promoting your business, then chances are you are going to need help with your marketing communications. How important is the marketing communications component of your marketing plan, and why would you want professional help?

Well, since your marketing communications are likely to and should encompass the following components, I think you’ll agree that it’s critical:

  • advertising
  • branding
  • graphic design
  • sales promotion
  • online marketing

A typical pitfall for many folks when creating marketing communications is too much “noise”. You know what it’s like when you’re watching a t.v. show or movie and someone in the room asks a question….your concentration or focus is broken and maybe you miss a crucial moment in the show that comes back to haunt you later. Yikes!

In marketing communications, noise is anything that prevents your intended audience from receiving the complete, clear and brand-consistent message you intended to impart.This can come from within the communication itself, during message delivery, or from noise (competition) in the marketplace.

Do you sometimes use different versions of your company name, tag line, or logo, depending on whether it’s printed on your business card or website, or if you’re talking to people, sending emails, or advertising in print?

Are too many visitors coming to your website and leaving immediately (website stats show a high bounce rate)?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you could use some branding and copywriting help, both important components in a good marketing communications strategy.

You can’t be all things to all people. Who do you know that is an expert chef, plumber, politician, dancer, and doctor? So why try to manage your business (which you’re an expert in, by the way) and also try to create all your marketing communications materials yourself? Leave it to the folks that specialize in marketing communications, and focus on your core dancing (or plumbing, etc.) business.