Canadian Internet Usage

The percentage of Ontario residents with internet access grew 6% (from 74.8% to 81%) between 2007 and 2009. With this kind of audience increase in a two-year span (during a recession no less) – this is a growing market that businesses today cannot afford to ignore or put on the back burner any longer. In fact, they need to court these folks. But just who are these people?

Stats Canada 2009 survey data showed the following characteristics and trends related to internet access and usage:

Families with kids under 18 represented the largest household segment at 91.1%. And even the lowest quartile personal income group reflected a 76.2% rate of internet usage.

All age groups saw in increase in usage from 2007 to 2009:

  • Ages 34 and under – approx 3% increase, with 96.5% of people in this age group using the Internet.
  • Age 35 to 54 –  87.8 (a 9% increase from 2007)
  • Age 55 to 64 – 70.1% (up from 60.8)
  • But the biggest increase – almost 12% – was in the 65+ age group – 40.7% in 2009, from 28.8% in 2007.

As might be expected, the higher your level of education, the more likely you were to access the internet, with University graduates at 94.7% internet usage.

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For more information on Canadian Internet usage, check out the Stats Canada website.