Blogging Tip #5 of 5

Time Management, Prioritization & Resources

A lot of companies have the blogging functionality on their company website, but I often find they aren’t actively using their company blog to communicate with their clients and website visitors.

Why? Well, usually it comes down to time management and prioritization. For most companies, unless they are large enough to have a dedicated marketing or communications prime, they simply don’t have the in-house resources or time to dedicate to writing blog posts on a consistent basis.

For business owners who recognize that business blogging can be a key tactic in their overall marketing and customer service strategies and want to prioritize it, but don’t have the time to blog themselves, there are a couple of options:

Spread the wealth – one of the beautiful things about a company blog is that it doesn’t always have to be the same person who writes the blog post. You may still want a single point of contact to vet or input the blog posts to ensure consistency/quality, however, think of the benefits you’d achieve by encouraging others to contribute blog articles to your company website:

  • diverse POV from different authors stimulates reader interest & keeps the blog from sounding stale
  • more contributors = more stories to tell
  • multiple authors would each spend a fraction of the time that a single author would have to devote to writing a series of blog posts, and they’ll be keener to contribute if they don’t have to do it all the time

Dedicate an external resource – Sometimes it pays to have an outsider blog for you. Hiring a professional blogger to write a series of weekly, monthly, or quarterly blog articles, will succeed on several levels:

  • They’re not experts about your business, so they can more easily identify and write articles about aspects of your business offering that an insider might take for granted and never mention.
  • Blogging is their business, they have the expertise and will dedicate the necessary time required to post blog articles because it’s a priority for them.
  • It’s easier to achieve a high level of consistency and quality for a specific series of blog articles if they’re written by the same professional blogger .

Who you get to write your blog posts, and how you choose to use your blog – whether to just have “interest” posts, to educate, or to market your business – is up to you. But do use it! Get the ball rolling with your blog, get that first post published, test it and play with it. Your blog can work for you.