So you’re a small business owner and know you need to get started on social media. Or maybe you’re already there but not necessarily they way you’d like to be. Here are a couple of tips for how you as a small business owner can leverage the professional social media icon “LinkedIn” to help market your  business, it’s products & services, as well as your personal expertise, online:

1. If you haven’t already done so, establish a Company page on LinkedIn for your business. Fill out the overview and products & services pages for it and keep the them updated. If you need to hire new talent, post a job on the Careers section of your company page. And periodically, check out the Page Statistics so you know what kind of traffic is looking at your company on LinkedIn. For a quick tutorial on the Company page see this “how-to” video on the Linked In site.

2. Of course, you should already have completed your personal LinkedIn profile. Now’s the time to personalize the LinkedIn url for it so that folks looking for you online can find you more easily. Business Insider has this to say:   “By default, LinkedIn gives your profile a wonky URL with a bunch of numbers and letters. To help clean it up, you can choose a custom URL for your public profile. This will help Google bring your name up in search, plus it makes you look more reputable to people searching for someone with your skill set. To change your URL, go to your edit profile page and scroll to the “Public Profile” section. Click “Edit” next to the URL to choose a new one.”

Go to Business Insider for their complete set of LinkedIn tips.